Friday, June 28, 2013

Internet Marketing in Panama & Google Advertising News

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Internet Marketing in Panama and Google Advertising

During the Last months and few days we have being hearing and reading from a diversity of Blogs and Webmasters peers that are involved in the Seo World and Internet Marketing in Panama City about "Updates" on  Algorythm´s on Google and Search Engines, better known as the "Panda" and "Penguin".  Since then Companies are careful on the manner that Link Building is made, there were old ways to get more backlinks on the internet through the use Softwares that will Span the System sending links to different sites, ignoring that this is an unwanted tactic and is considered as Spamming the system, which really hurts on Business.

As Business Owner and Product Manager we understand that your Product is  the most important for you, your Industry is the field where you move, so it is imperative to have or use White Hat Seo Techniques and Work on a Link Building Infraestructure.

Is understood also that Searcher and Search Engines are looking for Rich Content to be able to satisfy the Searcher and the Business, either on your Link Structure or Platform overall,  you should be focus on White Hat Program: Doing Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords Work, Manual Link and Articles Structuring.  Also focusing on short term goals like moving position ups let´s say from position 20 to 15 or from third page to second.

A more clear idea of how to achieve desire results?  for this you would need a Webmaster, Link Building and Seo Analysis.  Advertising on Google or Search Engines is a process.

For further details contact us or get and Seo Analysis

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